Premium Urological Offerings for Better Patient Outcomes

Urological Services

We manage patients with a variety of incontinence care needs. Our highly-trained, urology-specific team has more than 15 years of experience in the market and integrates closely with our clinicians to provide a complete care management model that delivers better patient outcomes, not just supplies. 


Reliable Respiratory has always been committed to patient care. That’s why our Urological Department focuses on patient care from the initial contact call to every resupply order.

  • We make sure you have the samples needed to provide your patients the success they need when leaving your office.

Who We Serve


Whether they have ambulatory, wheelchair-bound, or bedside needs, we provide equipment and support to help these patients live healthy and independently.


For children and teens, urological issues can be embarrassing. We provide the clinical coaching necessary to help them take control of their health and their life as they grow up.

Women's Health & Men's Health:

There are a variety of reasons adult men and women may need urological supplies, including postpartum, prostate or other issues. Our urological team has seen it all and can help deliver and manage the right equipment to best serve patients’ needs.

Urology Supplies We Carry:

  • Intermittent Urinary catheters

  • Foley catheters

  • External catheters

  • Collection bags

  • Extension tubing

  • Cleaning and carry accessories

Why Reliable?

  • Choice of monthly or quarterly supply intervals

  • Reorder reminders

  • Next day delivery on all orders placed by 2.pm.

  • In network with most national and local insurance plans • Seamless insurance billing 

  • Leading manufacturers for premium products

  • Robust sampling program

  • Clinical patient coaches and advocates for direct support

  • Online resource library for patient education and support 

Contact us to get started!

Please call 781-551-3335 ext 3623 for any questions or fax a prescription to 781-987-8206.