May 26, 2020

The Reliable Respiratory Team would like to personally thank you for trusting us with your patients’ care. We remain committed to providing the best clinical care, equipment options, and educational information, and it has been an honor to serve patients for over 20 years. Please be assured that during this present Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the health and safety of our patients, employees, and providers is our highest priority. Protective measures and considerate, well-developed actions are being taken at all levels to keep everyone safe and healthy while we continue to provide our superior services. We are in compliance with, and constantly communicating with our staff about, state (DPH) and federal (CDC) health and safety guidelines concerning the limiting and preventing of the spread of the virus. Hand-washing guidelines and other health and safety prevention methods have been recirculated to all employees and are posted throughout our office locations. All personnel have been provided personal protective equipment to ensure the health and safety of patients, their caretakers, and our employees.

Our commitment to quality patient care is unmatched.

Prompt, Often Same Day, Set-ups
In addition to offering direct shipping of CPAP machines, cleaners, and supplies, we continue to operate with a fleet of mobile Respiratory Therapists throughout all six New England states. All Respiratory Therapists are fully stocked with our proven formulary of sleep and respiratory products. Wherever your patient lives, we have a Respiratory Therapist nearby.

Our High-Tech Expertise
We utilize the most up to date ventilators, cough assists, and suction devices to manage and assist our most acute patients in their home setting, where we know they will be most comfortable.

Patient Compliance
Our expert team of Sleep Coaches utilize the latest remote monitoring and management technology to identify and solve patient issues quickly and efficiently, often before the patient knows there even is an issue.
As validated by the major sleep manufacturers, we are proud to document that even during this pandemic, our sleep compliance rate has consistently been 74%.

Latest Technology
We are a technology driven organization. We utilize the most modern and advanced product and service offerings in the industry. Our rigorous staff training, and state-of-the-art equipment, provides the ultimate level of service for our referrals and patients.

Our Patient Advocates
Every Reliable Respiratory employee treats each patient like a member of our family. We manage thousands of patients throughout New England every day, but every patient is treated as an individual. Word of mouth is our number one marketing tool.

Our commitment to kind and compassionate service along with overall healthcare cost containment is our advantage in the market, and one that we are intensely proud of. Your continued support has been very much appreciated.